This website was initially created to provide resources for the Vocal Union project based at the Sage Gateshead. All materials on the site are freely available to people working in community music and education.

The site is hosted by Jilly Jarman from BlueJam Arts.

BlueJam Arts is a hub for innovative and inclusive music-making in Cumbria and across the UK.



Message from Jilly Jarman from BlueJam Arts:

On this website you will find material for use in your school, choir or community group.

All songs have been credited either as traditional (non-copyright) or as new material reproduced here with permission.
Please contact us if you have more information about any songs.

We welcome new contributions of your own original material or non-copyright music that you use with your group. Ideas for workshops, school music lessons or tips on leading choirs etc. also very welcome.


Comments on Vocal Union Resources website:

"Great resource for anyone interested in harmony singing, young or old, teacher or practitioner. As anyone knows who's been involved with vocal groups, it's all about finding good arrangements, and it's wonderful that so much excellent material is being made available here. Not only songs but warm ups and riffs and music from other cultures, the kind of things you need to keep rehearsals interesting and fun. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Richard Jones, member of Conchords, male a cappella quartet based in Hazel Grove, Stockport, singing barbershop, doo wop and other arrangements

"Lovely resource" - T, Feb 2016



A new German round - "Ein sehr kalter Winter" - thanks to Korinna from London.

mp3 | lyrics

"Ein sehr kalterWinter ist

Wenn ein Wolf ein Wolf ein Wolf den andern frisst!

(It is a very cold winter if one wolf eats up another)


Discussion document on Vocal Union: 'Singing in primary schools, a creative thread through the curriculum' by Sarah Kekus

This website resource is currently unfunded and updated voluntarily. We constantly get feedback from community musicians who use it and are pleased to support it. Jilly Jarman

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