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Idgety Fidgety Fingers

by Jilly Jarman A fun song to get all the fidgets out by laughing about them. It can be taught using a 1,2,3,4,5 ladder (with a drop-down to the 5th below as well). It needs to start slowly until they can say: Idgety fidgety

score and lyrics

Naming Song

by Bewcastle School Reception Class A simple song to sing in a circle. Very good as a calming song, a welcome song for newcomers, or a way for visitors to learn children’s names. After each naming sentence, people choose three places on their body to make percussive sounds, a gesture or sign. E.g. – touch tip of nose, knees and toes. When saying the person’s name everyone extends their hand to them in a welcome sign.


You’re mean!

Jilly Jarman Easy fun, bluesy song with piano or guitar accompaniment. Alternative ending written by Beaconside Juniors and sung to Scrooge in their version of The Christmas Carol. KEY STAGE 1 & 2, & anyone

score: tune & acc | score: v easy acc | mp3

Year 5 Blues

Sharon Durant & Yr 5 Canning Street Primary School, Newcastle 12-bar blues with words about homework etc. Piano accompaniment. Easily adaptable. KEY STAGE 2


Wolf Chant

Dave Camlin, Alison Scott, Bassenthwaite KEY STAGE 2



Bex Mather & Simon Derbyshire Fantastic soulful acapella song with catchy tune and multiple backing parts. Easily adapted. KEY STAGE 2 & 3 upwards


Wind Song –

Pete Moser A beautifully simple piece with 2 note backing. Taught here with demonstration of how to bring in echoes faster or slower. From conference at HotHouse Morecambe 2007 KEY STAGE 2 & 3 upwards



Fiona Clayton Lyrical single-line melody with beautiful inflections KEY STAGE 2



Jilly Jarman, Alison Scott, Gary Newman, Skelton Primary School, Penrith. Medieval inspired carol – easy to remember and satisfying to sing KEY STAGE 2 & 3

This piece has been arranged by Mary Keith for her adult SSTB choir and performed at Shrewsbury Market Hall. Brilliant!

We Are The Ones

Venice Manley 4 part song with simple lines interweaving. Very strong and effective KEY STAGE 2 & 3 to adult


Voulez-vous chanter?

Jilly Jarman Greeting song – 2 part round. In French. Written for Beaconside Juniors Vocal Union assemblies KEY STAGE 1, 2, 3


Toca Las Campanas

(Ring the Bells) Carol with Spanish words by Pilar Marchori written by Jilly Jarman for North Lakes School, Penrith score | mp3