Idgety Fidgety Fingers

by Jilly Jarman A fun song to get all the fidgets out by laughing about them. It can be taught using a 1,2,3,4,5 ladder (with a drop-down to the 5th below as well). It needs to start slowly until they can say: Idgety fidgety

score and lyrics

Naming Song

by Bewcastle School Reception Class A simple song to sing in a circle. Very good as a calming song, a welcome song for newcomers, or a way for visitors to learn children’s names. After each naming sentence, people choose three places on their body to make percussive sounds, a gesture or sign. E.g. – touch tip of nose, knees and toes. When saying the person’s name everyone extends their hand to them in a welcome sign.


Here I Am! – James Ramage

Fun song-game for taking the register or going home time. Easy call and response with simple guitar accompaniment. Written for the Reception and Year One class at Warcop School.

Score | mp3


Playground song from Northumberland with American music. Really popular Key stage 1 and 2


There’s A Hole In My Bucket

A traditional English children’s song thought to originate in the 1770’s. It is a circular song – when you get to the end you arrive back at the beginning, with no resolution possible. 

Lyrics | Score