Ala Nanita Nana – shared by Charles Consaul from Canada

‘This is a traditional Spanish Lullaby that is typically sung as a Christmas Carol. My students taught it to me, and I did the best I could to do justice to it. If you can suggest any improvements, I would be happy to consider them. The carol is sung in Spanish and the phonetic pronunciation is included on the separate sheet, as close as I could get it.’ See more on


There’s A Hole In My Bucket

A traditional English children’s song thought to originate in the 1770’s. It is a circular song – when you get to the end you arrive back at the beginning, with no resolution possible. 

Lyrics | Score

Take Me Home

Ndebele song taught to Sian Crooze by Black Umfolosi, Zimbabwean Vocal Harmony, Drumming and Dance Group.

Audio | Score

Summer Is A Coming In

Medieval English folk song. Can be sung as a round. There are lots of arrangements for choirs available as well. Also spelt ‘Sumer is icumen in’. 

Score | Audio

Sing To The Rhythm

Wonderful song built around call and response. Taught to Sian Croose by Black Voices, a fantastic vocal group.


Shalom chaverim

Traditional Israeli folk song. Sung as a round. There are many different versions of this using combinations of Hebrew and English words.

Score | mp3 – Coming Soon! | Lyrics


This is a South African Zulu song which means: ‘What have we done?’
Beccy Owen 
Audio (Beccy Owen – parts) | Audio (Hannah Reid)

Senwa Dedende

Traditional Ghanaian song. This short and simple piece can be harmonised, sung in a round, sung over riffs, played with instruments, have new words written to it. A very popular song for teachers from KS1 upwards. 

Audio |  Score


Call and response song from Burkina Faso 


Vocal Union training day grouplet. Call and response – good fun – all about yetis etc. 
Any age 
Audio | Score

Paper of Pins

Folk song from Connecticut, USA, originating from England. Verse and chorus alternating – to be sung by two different groups.


Oh Freedom

Traditional gospel and liberation song from America. Many different versions sung by choirs, acapella groups, folk and protest singers. 
Suitable for KEY STAGE 2 to adult.