Engine No.9

Simple melody also used as a round or waiting canon. (see score & mp3’s for examples). Taught by Su Hollingsworth at Vocal Union Training Day, Sage Gateshead.

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Playground song from Northumberland with American music. Really popular Key stage 1 and 2



Cameron Harris, Ashley Bell, UCC. descending bassline in Em, rock feel – 2 minutes of backing for people to improvise to, work out riffs, practice rhythms etc.
2 chord riff (backing to Vamos a Caminar (see songs with spanish words page)

Baby 123

Warm-up song from Trinidad, both physical and mental. Two lively variations on Head and Shoulders. Sung here by Sharon Durant and Beccy Owen.

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Beep! Beep! – Bridget Cousins

A fun song delighting in driving a C3 – different strands weave together in a great way. Especially suitable for adults in warm-up and break-the-ice sessions.

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Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

Traditional English Folk tune with a verse for each day of the week. There are many different versions and it is sung all over the world in different forms.