Tape Ton Pied

French song introduced by Shelley Ambury This is a similar tune to Old Joe Clark. It is in the mixolydian mode and has a lovely melody. Section 1 and 2 fit together and you can add a lower harmony quite easily.

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Bridget Cousins A lovely French/English greeting song written for children at Bramfield Primary School who are learning to speak French – with circle game.

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Sept Marins Sur Mer

A traditional French tune sung here by Sarah Kekus. ‘Seven sailors on the sea’.


Par la fenetre ouverte

This is lovely for allowing children to sing their name in French. Use a ball to take attention away from solo singing if anyone is nervous.

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Les Genoux

This is a song that helps you remember vocabulary for parts of the body – knees, tummy, back, head, elbow, cheek and add your own.

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Il court le furet

This is a game similar to’ Duck, Duck, Goose’. You need a furry creature (Feret) or you could swap the words to another woodland creature e.g. la souris (mouse)

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