You’re mean!

Jilly Jarman Easy fun, bluesy song with piano or guitar accompaniment. Alternative ending written by Beaconside Juniors and sung to Scrooge in their version of The Christmas Carol. KEY STAGE 1 & 2, & anyone

score: tune & acc | score: v easy acc | mp3

Year 5 Blues

Sharon Durant & Yr 5 Canning Street Primary School, Newcastle 12-bar blues with words about homework etc. Piano accompaniment. Easily adaptable. KEY STAGE 2


Wolf Chant

Dave Camlin, Alison Scott, Bassenthwaite KEY STAGE 2



Bex Mather & Simon Derbyshire Fantastic soulful acapella song with catchy tune and multiple backing parts. Easily adapted. KEY STAGE 2 & 3 upwards


Wind Song –

Pete Moser A beautifully simple piece with 2 note backing. Taught here with demonstration of how to bring in echoes faster or slower. From conference at HotHouse Morecambe 2007 KEY STAGE 2 & 3 upwards


We Are The Ones

Venice Manley 4 part song with simple lines interweaving. Very strong and effective KEY STAGE 2 & 3 to adult


Throw Catch

Skura From East London, South Africa comes this great action song written by a young composer. It has caught on with young people and at Sing Up training sessions as an immediate hit with rhythms, actions and easy optional harmonies. See version with newly-devised written words by a local school under ‘May The Force Be With You’ KEY STAGE 2 to adult


Three Little Pigs

Belinda Wright A lively, fun song popular with Reception, Year one and two. Great with actions! KEY STAGE 1 & 2

mp3 | score

Spooky Song

Sharon Durant Groove based song with piano accompaniment KEY STAGE 1 & 2
mp3 | score

Spirit of Christmas

Jilly Jarman Carol about the kindness of King Wenceslas: single line, folk/shuffle, piano. See “I come to the door” for a shortened version – lyrics by Jen Ellin KEY STAGE 2 & upwards

score | piano accompaniment

Sing, Sing a Song

Jennifer Ellin Written for the Brewery, Kendal’s singing club this has four lines which are gradually added to make a full sound. KEY STAGE 1 & 2


Saturday Night

Yr 7 Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, Cumbria Written out of a call and response game based on a 12-bar blues – girls opposite boys! They made up great dances to go with it. KEY STAGE 2 & upwards

mp3 | score