Naming Song

by Bewcastle School Reception Class A simple song to sing in a circle. Very good as a calming song, a welcome song for newcomers, or a way for visitors to learn children’s names. After each naming sentence, people choose three places on their body to make percussive sounds, a gesture or sign. E.g. – touch tip of nose, knees and toes. When saying the person’s name everyone extends their hand to them in a welcome sign.



Bex Mather & Simon Derbyshire Fantastic soulful acapella song with catchy tune and multiple backing parts. Easily adapted. KEY STAGE 2 & 3 upwards


Toca Las Campanas

(Ring the Bells) Carol with Spanish words by Pilar Marchori written by Jilly Jarman for North Lakes School, Penrith score | mp3

Three Little Pigs

Belinda Wright A lively, fun song popular with Reception, Year one and two. Great with actions! KEY STAGE 1 & 2

mp3 | score

Spin Round

Kirsten Taylor, Jilly Jarman, Cath Sewell One of three songs commissioned for the Kendal Brewery’s MOTTO project. It uses the words to a Cumbrian folk song and works them into an evocative vocal weave.

score | mp3

Odd Socks – Joe Johnston

“It works nicely as a lullaby feel with arpeggiated chords. But equally it could work a bit faster, shuffled and more bouncy. Delaying it by a bar with a second voice indicates it could work well as a canon, with some adjustments made. I will try it out and come up with more definite suggestions.”

score | mp3

Molto Bene Grazie

Jennifer Ellin Greetings song in italian. Can be sung as a round or with a repeated riff (ostinato). Written for Beaconside Junior School for their Vocal Union assembly KEY STAGE 1, 2, 3

mp3 | score

Here I Am! – James Ramage

Fun song-game for taking the register or going home time. Easy call and response with simple guitar accompaniment. Written for the Reception and Year One class at Warcop School.

Score | mp3

Hallowe’en Round

Dave Camlin, Dave Roberts, Hannah Reid Has a bit of beatboxing in this arrangement KEY STAGE 2 & 3

score | mp3

Halloween Scream

Jen Ellin & Kendal BYM ‘Sing For Fun’ group Written for their performance at Kendal Brewery, October 09. Great fun – and works either acapella or with guitar or piano accompaniment. KEY STAGE 2 & 3

score (in Dminor) | lyrics | mp3 (in Eb minor)

Baby 123

Warm-up song from Trinidad, both physical and mental. Two lively variations on Head and Shoulders. Sung here by Sharon Durant and Beccy Owen.

mp3 | score

‘We wrote this!’

These songs were written by Year 3 and 4 pupils at Hayton CE Primary school.
They performed them at the school concert and had a special recording session the next week. This marked the end of a very successful Creative Partnerships project.
The enthusiasm shown by all the children was marked and you can hear that energy and commitment in their songs. Enjoy!

‘Listen To Me’ 
The Spice Girls (Monika, Hannah, Hannah)

‘By My Side’ 
E.G.L. (Eden, Grace and Lucy)

‘Life Starts’ 
Male (Edward, Austin, Marcus, Lewis, George)

‘Let’s Go In, Let’s Go Out’ 
Outside and Inside (Ava, Cerys, Ellie and Laura)

‘You’re Mine Within The Time’ 
Gloss Girls (Olivia, Evie, Chole)

‘I Want To Go To The Park’ 
The Bukdgers (James, Samuel, Sam, Alex, Mackenzie)

‘Funky DIsco’ 
Funky Disco Monkeys (Holly, Isobel, Katie

‘Walking Around’ 
The Boods (Dean, Will, James)

‘I Don’t Want To Go To Bed’ 
The Bedbugs (Joe, James, George)