Engine No.9

Simple melody also used as a round or waiting canon. (see score & mp3’s for examples). Taught by Su Hollingsworth at Vocal Union Training Day, Sage Gateshead.

mp3 | score

Gathered Together

By Alison Scott and Emily Hallewell A haunting melody to sing round the campfire, with drums and percussion and descriptive movements
KEY STAGE 2 & 3.


Froh zu sein, bedarf es wenig

This is a song which can be sung as a 2 or 4 part round. It means: To be happy requires little, and he who is happy is king!

score | Audio – spoken words and song

Ein sehr kalter Winter

A new German round. Thanks to Corinna from London.
“Ein sehr kalterWinter ist
Wenn ein Wolf ein Wolf ein Wolf den andern frisst!
(It is a very cold winter if one wolf eats up another)

Audio | Lyrics

Summer Is A Coming In

Medieval English folk song. Can be sung as a round. There are lots of arrangements for choirs available as well. Also spelt ‘Sumer is icumen in’. 

Score | Audio

Shalom chaverim

Traditional Israeli folk song. Sung as a round. There are many different versions of this using combinations of Hebrew and English words.

Score | mp3 – Coming Soon! | Lyrics

Senwa Dedende

Traditional Ghanaian song. This short and simple piece can be harmonised, sung in a round, sung over riffs, played with instruments, have new words written to it. A very popular song for teachers from KS1 upwards. 

Audio |  Score


Traditional Ghanaian song. Very popular and easy to sing as a round. Many schools make up their own words. Suitable for KS1, 2 and 3.
Audio |  Audio round | Score

Hot Cross Buns

Traditional English folk song. This is a version sung as a round with chord suggestions.

Score | Audio

Bela Mama

A round. “Beautiful Mother of Earth”. We are unsure of this songs origin. Some say it is a traditional Aboriginal song and some say Spanish! Let us know if you have more information on it. It works as a round or cannon with improvising too.